Easy Availability Page Software
Easy Availability Page Software
Easy Availability Page Software
Key Features
  • Clean layout.
  • Multi-lingual interface.
  • Customisable colours, dates, start days, seasons, prices and more.
  • Updated online. No HTML to learn.
  • Flat file database. No MySQL needed.
  • No recurring fees.
  • Minimal technical skill needed for installation.
  • ... & much more. See
    details & screen-shots
  • A web site for your rental property ...
  • on a Unix/Linux or Windows server ...
  • with PHP 4/5 installed.
  • A 'modern' browser, with Java Script enabled.
  • 'Beginner's level' of technical skill.
  • See more detail about requirements
User Comments
"Thanks again - great product - a lot easier to use than some of the ones I looked at and you really can make it look like your own site, which is probably why I won't rush to integrate it."
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Easy Availability Page Software for Single Property
Now property renters can say 'Good-bye' to inaccurate, expensive & hard-to-maintain 'availability' pages.

Easy Availability produces availability pages you can update & customise yourself ... without any knowledge of HTML.

With Easy Availability you can take control of keeping your availability page clean, accurate and professional, with no delays and no continuing charges.
Key Benefits
  • An up-to-date availability page to inform your customers and increase bookings.
  • Never pay another webmaster to update your availability pages for you.
  • Build a clean, clear and bug-free availability page online, without knowledge of HTML.
  • Save time and effort by editing your availability page on-line at the web server where it resides. Simply visit your page, log in, make changes, save changes, log out ... and you're done!
Get Easy Availability if you:
  • Currently have a website for your rental property but NO availability page.
  • Have an availability page that is often out-of-date or difficult to maintain.
  • Have little or no knowledge of web design, HTML, etc.
  • Want to speed up your bookings process and make it more efficient.

Try the on-line demo to find out just how quick and simple it can be to maintain a professional-looking availability page that increases your booking opportunities.
The Easy Availability project was closed in 2011 when it was superseded by industry-wide changes in software for rental property. It has been archived here as a momento of earlier programing times.

Thanks to all contributors and customers for their support.

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